Sapodilla - Makok 7 gallon

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Makok Sapodilla is one of the best tasting Sapodilla fruit varieties in the world. It's native to Thailand and is a relatively recent introduction to Florida. Makok is an excellent variety for homeowners because the tree is small, brown, and has a sweet aroma. Makok Sapodilla fruit can be harvested from May to November.

Sapodilla fruit trees are really adaptable in terms of soil conditions and will thrive in many types of soil, from poor loose sandy soil to deep, rich organic soil, as well as light clay, or gravel. Regardless of soil type, fostering good drainage is for your Sapodilla tree is essential. Sapodilla's don't like wet feet! Sapodilla's prefer warm locales but are also slightly frost tolerant, highly wind tolerant and can take salt spray.

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