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One of the tastiest, Frederick Passion Fruit produces an abundance of beautiful passionflowers followed by the deliciously tangy passion fruit. Stunning purple flowers give way to very large fruit that is greenish-purple sometimes turning red. Frederick can be grown outdoors in frost-free climates, though it is reportedly hardy down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, or can be grown as an exciting greenhouse plant or windowsill where it will quickly cover a large window. What could be more exciting than fresh passion fruit growing in a south-facing window. Frederick Passion Fruit is a very vigorous vine, growing up to 30 feet in a single year in the tropics, but is easily kept smaller in a pot in temperate zones but be sure to give it something to climb up.


A vigorous vine, especially in the tropics, the passion fruit can grow over 20ft in a single year.


Passion fruit vines are hardy to 32F, so protect from any frosts. They can withstand short drops below 32F but foliage may die back.

Growing Environment

Pruning is a must to keep the vine healthy. Prune off less vigorous growth and occasionally prune back vigorous growth to promote flowering. The long tendrils need lots of support for climbing. When established, and without care, the passion fruit can easily overtake other garden plants, shading them from sun. Flowering occurs from April-November but may occasionally continue year-round if conditions are right. Individual flowers bloom for just 12-24 hours before closing. Flowers will self-pollinate and are followed by green fruit, turning purple when ripe. Fruits usually ripen from flowering in 80 days. The vines love full sun except in climates where the temperature frequently surpasses 100F, vines should be given shade. Water frequently and provide good drainage. Plants are short-lived, usually maintaining good productivity for 4-6 years. Harvest fruits when fruit falls from plant. Fruits are best eaten when wrinkles appear on their surface.

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