Guamuchil - Pithecellobium dulce

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The Guamuchil tree, or Pithecellobium dulce, belongs to the Fabaceae family. It is also known by more than thirty names including: rain tree (Albizia saman), Manila tamarind, madras thorn, vilayati ambli (Gujarati), sweet inga, opiuma, pois sucré, payandé, huamúchil, blackbead, yacure, cuauhmochitl (Nahuatl), tetul (Bengali), seema chinta (Telugu) and ganga imli (Hindi).

A full-grown, spiky tree can rise up to fifty feet. Furthermore, a healthy plant produces flowers after two years. Blooming usually takes place during late winters or early springs, while fruits develop between spring and summer. Mature legumes normally show a rosy exterior. They may also show a white, cream, or tan bloom.

A white pulp called aril grows from the plant’s umbilical cord-looking funicle. A shinier pulp attracts more butterflies, bees, and birds. People peel the pods and eat the sweet and sour white pulp. Beneath the white pulp lie black and shiny seeds. The tree’s fast growth produces many seeds that are spread by birds.

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