Banana - Mysore "Berry" (3 gallon)

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'Mysore' is a tall and vigorous plant growing to 16 feet. It is green leafed with red midribs. Undersides of leaves have pinkish, waxy coating. The plant produces very thin-skinned short fat "lady finger" sweet fruit. 'Mysore' is wind resistant but should be propped up when carry large heads of fruit. This important cultivar comes from India and Pakistan. The root system on this banana is so strong that it never blows over from high winds. The trunk is dull rust in color. Takes 20 months to harvest. This banana fruit has exceptionally long shelf life in storage.

  • Temp: For best growth above 65°F is recommended.
  • Wind tolerant.
  • Light: Full sun to no less than 30% shade. Foliage growers should use 30%-60% shade.
  • Soil: Good water holding capacity is needed.
  • Mature Height: 10-14' (up to 16')
  • Type: Dessert, thin skin, sweet fruit
  • Hardiness: Zone 8-10
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