Kohala Longan - Dimocarpus longan


  • Subtle flavors of mango and grape

  • similar to Lychee

  • Prefer loamy soils

  • Self fertile

  • In our environment it does well in containers


  • 20'Hx20'W

PH Range:

  • 5.5-6


  • 8-11 cold tolerant down to 31° degrees when young. Mature trees are hardy down to 27° degrees. Death at 24° degrees. They do enjoy some chill time. 


  • Foliage - Leathery-dark green

  • Flowers - Pale yellow

  • Fruit - Greenish shell, translucent flesh, black seed


  • Afternoon summer shade

  • Internet says full sun, but please do not give them full AZ sun


  • Sensitive in mid 30's

  • Young trees need shade and frost protection

  • Drought stress in fall and winter may increase flowering in spring


  • Spring - Fall

  • Young trees 6-6-6- every 6-8 weeks

  • Foliar feed 4-6 times per growing season

  • Mature trees need 2.5-5 Lbs of feed per application. 

General Information:

The longan is an exotic round to oval Asian fruit with a tan rind, one shiny seed and musky white flesh.


Longan trees will grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 to 10, and they prefer cool, dry winters. Too much rainfall during that season encourages foliage growth rather than flowering. With its corky bark and glossy green leaves, the longan is attractive even when not producing.

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