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Dwarf Jamaican Red Banana


  • Red skin

  • Fast growing

  • Wind tolerant

  • Heat & Cold  tolerant

  • Cook with leaves


  • 5-7 Feet

PH Range:

  • 5.8-6.2


  • 8-11


  • Foliage - Green

  • Fruit - Red

  • Stem - Red


  • Partial Shade

  • Internet says full sun, but please do not give them full AZ sun

General Information:

Jamaican 'Dwarf Red' is one of many red-skinned banana cultivars, however this one stays short and takes up little space. Most red bananas are much esteemed for good tasting fruit, and this one is no exception. This cultivar also has red pseudostems. The red bananas take longer to ripen than most, it will take up to 24 months to fruit. The banana has a very distinct, robust flavor that makes it well worth the wait. This red banana's skin turns sunset colors through the ripening process from yellow-green to orange then to red. The skin should be almost very dark red before it is ripe enough to eat. The thick leaves of 'Dwarf Red' Banana work well for wrapping and grilling meats. Known by many names throughout the world: Cuban Red, Jamaican Red, Colorado, Indio, Macaboo)

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