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Giant Dwarf (Enano Gigante) Banana


  • Likes a shadier spot

  • Wind tolerant

  • Cook with leaves


  • 8 Feet

PH Range:

  • 5.8-6.2


  • 9b


  • Foliage - red stripes when young

  • Green when mature


  • Tolerates high temps w/ shade protection

  • Does not like to be pruned


  • Partial Shade

  • Internet says full sun, but please do not give them full AZ sun


  • 10-10-10 at lower elevs (Cali coast)

  • 20-20-20 at high elevations (Tucson)

General Information:

An excellent Cavindish cultivar and heavy producer of sweet delicious fruit. Commercially grown in Mexico and Central America. It adapts very well to our conditions. Shorter than Valery. A commercial clone of Mexico. High-quality fruit of large size under ideal conditions. Tender, often needing support when bearing, subject to cigar end rot in cold wet weather. Has large dark green leaves with red markings on juvenile foliage. Mature leaves are solid green. Will produce richer tasting and creamier fruit than the market variety. Dwarf height limits wind damage. A dwarfed Cavendish cultivar. It is a good commercial variety that bears sweet fruit. Dwarf height limits wind damage. Dwarf cavendish cultivar with large bunches of delicious fruit Heavy producer of sweet, delicious fruit. 

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